About Us

Your dentist should be a partner and help educate you on your dental care and options.


We take a comprehensive team approach to preventive and restorative dentistry with you as a key member of the team. We’ve found that this approach, coupled with open communication with our patients and their families, results in the best solutions for meeting your dental-care needs.

We’re dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality care using the most advanced techniques and equipment available today. For example, thanks to our intraoral camera, you’re an active participant during the examination by being able to view the procedure on a television monitor. Also, to maximize the comfort of your new restorations (crowns), we use a microscope to assure a precise fit.

We’re proud of the fact that many dental professionals have selected us for their own dental care and that of their families. It’s a testament not only to our skills and experience but to our integrity as well.