Welcome Tour of Our Escondido Dental Office

Debra 2012

Join us for a Welcome Tour of our Escondido dental office that our team shares with every new patient. This is a virtual preview of what we believe will transform your dental experience. We are excited for you to experience the full tour, new patient appointment and what many of our our patients describe as ‘finally finding our dental home’.

We designed our office with your comfort in mind because we want your dental experiences to be positive.  Your tour begins with our reception area where you will be greeted by Debra, Joy and our front office team members.  They will show you the ‘library’ room with desk and wifi where you can work on your computer or read a variety of magazines prior to your appointment.  From there you will see our team licenses and photos, notices of compliance (with government safety regulations), our hygiene and operative rooms, view our sterilization center and then begin your new patient experience in our consultation room.

One of our assisting team, Sheila or Lori, will continue with you in the consultation room and review your dental and medical histories to establish your baseline as a foundation from which we build forward toward your desired dental goals.


CPR Training: Our commitment to our dental patients health

Our team re-certified our CPR on Thursday, training that is required every two years for our license renewals. We as a team elect to train and re-certify annually so we are up to date on the latest changes, for the benefit of our patients, family and friends. CPR 2012 1

We train with the hope that we never need to use the skills we practice, and are motivated by our dedication to dental health and how that affects the health of the entire body.

CPR has changed immensely in the recent decade and several years ago we made the commitment as an office to purchase a defibrillator when we learned how the use of defibrillators by first responders dramatically increased the chances of survival for victims of cardiac arrest.

CPR 2012a