Celebrating 35 years 1978-2013 Restorative Dentistry

1978-10 CharlieWe are thrilled to share our celebration of 35 years since Dr. Mastrovich first opened the doors of his restorative dentistry practice here in the Escondido-San Marcos community! On that day thirty-five years ago, he was a baby-faced young dentist fresh from finishing his post grad general dental residency at the Sepulveda VA and had been practicing as an associate in two dental groups nearby until he discovered San Diego and made the decision to move here and start his own dental practice.

We are CELEBRATING our privilege and joy in serving YOU, our patients and community, for 35 years!! Ask us about our many Anniversary GIFTS for You!!

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Each time you ‘check in’ on Facebook from our office and share your favorite memory of Dr. Mastrovich and the team… AND your name goes in the November 15th drawing for a Sonicare toothbrush (valued at $107!)

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Share your favorite memories or experiences with Dr Mastrovich and our team by writing on our Facebook ‘wall’ (different from a ‘check in’). On November 15th, Sonicare toothbrushes will be gifted for:

  1. The memory with the earliest date/year
  2. Funniest memory
  3. The memory with the most ‘likes’

Caption this Photo
Watch for pictures on Facebook and add your caption! The best captions selected can win a Sonicare Toothbrush!

We hope these fun activities will help you see how much appreciate you and spark a trip down memory lane. Our success in North County San Diego Inland has been based on our relationship and partnership with you and we just want you to know how much you mean to us.

Thank you for adding to the fun!


How do I know if I have a problem with my crown?

Have you ever thought “I have a crown, now I’m not going to have to deal with this issue again”? This is very common for all of us, until we learn there is more to the ‘care and feeding’ of your dental restorations beyond flossing and brushing.

How do I know if I have a problem with my crown? One issue may be that your floss is shredding or catching in the area of your crown. This could mean the crown cement that was used to hold it in place on the tooth has begun to wash out. This happens over time and is quite common. It’s easy to think that once a crown is placed to repair a tooth that it is there for the rest of your life. Actually, crowns have a ‘life’ or duration that depends on how well the crown was originally fabricated, how strong the cement is, how well the ‘crown owner’ cares for it (flossing and brushing), and medical factors that can affect the general conditions within the mouth.

Take a look at this video below where Dr Mastrovich shows magnified photos of actual crowns to give the viewer first hand visual experience as he shows what it means to have leaking crown margins due to failing dental cement and how that leads to the need for replacement of a crown.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrx3vjvFBMY]

It is important to have your crown margins checked at your annual dental exam and if you are unsure if your dentist performs this check, don’t hesitate to ask them. At our office, this is one of many areas Dr Mastrovich checks at least annually, so that we can find any problem areas as soon as possible. If you are wondering about your crowns, give us a call to schedule an initial exam.


Get major restorative under control, then dental maintenance can be easy

Dental exam and treatment options

Restorative dentistry is our specialty and people often wonder what their experience might be with dental implants and reconstruction.  Every case is different, and we strive to give every client an experience in our office that is personally tailored to their specific dental needs.

During the examination process, we go through a very detailed dental history with our patients, explain all their options and provide our recommendations regarding the most effective restorative solution. We want our patients to be involved in their treatment process and we give a variety of solutions within the range of excellent treatment options.

We use the dental acronym of BARC to help patients evaluate each option based on their individual values and needs.  For each treatment option, each of the following are discussed:

  • B – Benefits to the patient of the treatment being considered
  • A – Alternatives to the treatment, which always includes the option of not progressing with treatment
  • R – Risks involved with the treatment being considered
  • C – Complications that could be possible for the treatment being considered

After helping patients regain dental health by treating their restorative needs, patients are typically able to maintain their dental health more easily with their regular dental hygiene and dental check up appointments.

Our patients say they are very happy with their experiences and highly recommend Dr. Mastrovich for others considering this type of dental treatment because of his expertise in both the Escondido area and the dental community in San Diego.  Patients repeatedly thank Dr Mastrovich and his entire team for taking the time to help them understand their options and the pros and cons of each, while recognizing each patient’s uniqueness and specific needs.  Again and again, patients talk of how they feel like they’ve found their dental home and can feel comfortable and confident coming to Dr Mastrovich’s dental office.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taNTCI_8I40]