TMJ pain, implants, and dental occlusion, Oh My!

TMJ orthotic appliances
TMJ orthotic appliance

Dr. Mastrovich is an expert at seeing the dental restorative ‘big picture’ and envisioning the patient’s end goal. He quarterbacks the patients through the process of initial diagnosis and final resolution. Patients can present with one problem, like TMJ pain, and ultimate long term resolution of that problem can involve a series of steps or phases. Initial resolution of TMJ pain may be accomplished by orthotic appliance therapy (custom fabricated acrylic mouth piece) to better support the jaw joint function. Once stable and pain free while wearing the appliance, the next step is diagnosis of restorative dentistry needed to support the joint long term (which may include crowns, dental implants or orthodontics, depending on the case).

These sisters share their diverse needs and experiences that brought them to Dr. Mastrovich: TMJ dysfunction pain, implants, and the need for a dentist with the expertise in occlusion (how teeth fit together when biting) that would implement the treatment to bring long term comfort. Ultimately, these sisters say they smile a lot, thanks to Dr. Mastrovich.


Help for people who grind teeth

Do you or anyone you know ever wake with headaches, sore teeth or an awareness that your teeth fit differently in the morning? These may be symptoms that you have been grinding your teeth during the night. This is a common problem for people under stress or those with ill-fitting dental restorations. An expertly fit night guard may be the solution. To differentiate the source, a comprehensive exam is needed in order to know the appropriate and effective treatment.

Here is one patient’s experience.