Did it only take 30 years to perfect this practice? Charlie, Debra, Sally and Sheila have become extensions of our family through several years of facial reconstruction for my son Ben. At our first meeting, when a team had been assembled to plan treatment, the lead surgeon told us we’d be done in 6 months; Charlie said it would be years. I thought he was the outlier. It turned out his estimate was most realistic and insightful. Shortly, Charlie became the lead of Ben’s reconstruction team. His careful choice of surgeon and orthodontist has kept us driving to Orange County on a regular basis, but our trust in him keeps it in perspective. We can’t imagine being in better hands. Charlie has completely dedicated himself to solving Ben’s unusually complicated situation. He spends hours in consultations with others on the team. He spends hours designing an architecture that will achieve normal appearance and function. We feel so fortunate to have the attention of such a passionate practitioner. We know Charlie spends hours at home refining models. He makes himself available on weekends and holidays. His commitment to perfection can make me weep. As if his technical skills and creativity are not enough Charlie has built a staff of dedicated, caring individuals who have taken our family into their hearts. They are so supportive of Ben. It has made a huge difference for a young man who’s had to suffer so much over the years to feel so completely accepted and cared about. A bond of trust has been achieved that I would not believe possible between patient and practitioner. Sally, Debra, and I all cried when they first saw Ben after a crucial restorative surgery. He looked normal for the first time! These wonderful women have watched Ben grow from an uncertain adolescent to a confident young man, thanks in great part to their ministrations. Charlie has been an outstanding role model for my sons. His intelligence, artistry, integrity, and passion are rare enough combined with his humor, humility, sensitivity, and compassion, we’ve had the privilege of knowing a truly great man. Our relationship with this incredible group of people has made a huge positive difference in our lives, there is no way we could thank them enough for all they have given us.

Fran Abrams   

Thank you for taking care of my family’s teeth and of course mine. I would rather change gynecologists then my dentist. I have recommended him to every one looking for a dentist without hesitation. He is the best and I have been seeing him since 1978! He can’t retire… please!

Ronda Edwards   

I had a wonderful, brilliant dentist in New York. Since leaving that city, I’ve searched far and wide for a comparable dentist. I was fortunate in finding Dr. Mastrovich. I’m very happy and feel secure in the knowledge that he’s the best!

Gail Wells   

Words fail me to express my emotions…only all of you can understand how satisfying it is to have reached this point in my long dental climb since September 1993, starting with TMJ, following dental implants in 1995 and 1997 and now beautiful crowns and an expert fitting partial. Many thanks to all of you, your kind and steady support and most of all to the dental artistry of Dr. Charlie. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and continued support and encouragement.

Ruth Shinno   

You are so sensitive to my needs and I want to thank you so much. You deaden the pain, you calm my nerves, always with the kindest touch. Eric and I both appreciate your professional staff and your dental artistry, Kudos to the best dental office in the area, on this statement of fact we certainly agree!

Lois Stewart-Morse   

I would like to show my appreciation to your staff, and especially you for your help with the problem I have with my jaw. It is very rare to find a doctor that actually cares about, and wants to help his patients, and not in it for just the money. I want you to know how appreciative I am for all your help, and the peace of mind that I have a dentist that I can really trust and is there to help me. Thank you!

Angeles C.   

Thank you for restoring my smile; I am so pleased with my new crowns! I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends, relatives, and patients! Your professionalism and expertise really shine!

Carolyn Leffler   

Thank you for the great care of my patients and me as well.

Paul S., D.D.S.   

Thank you so much for seeing me with such short notice. I have to tell you that I have seen 3 dentists to adjust my splint since my usual dentist left his practice due to disability. Not since his adjustment have I felt so comfortable and confident until seeing you. Now I’m getting a good night’s sleep, no more headaches or muscle cramps and I can chew on both sides of my mouth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Betsey Johnson   

Thanks for all your extra help….Working with you and all the staff was a truly good experience. Thanks again.

A.J. H-K   

I believe it is 12 years, at least 10 anyway, since you applied your masterful skills to my suffering mouth and you should know I have enjoyed phenomenal health as a result of your craftsmanship. So I thank God for you often, your staff as well! Your grateful friend,

Bill Hard   

Best in the business!
I’ve been to many dentists over the past 40 years, and I have to say that Dr. Mastrovich and staff are the some of the best. Not only is every employee extremely professional and competent at what they do, you can tell that they all truly care about their patients and are looking out for their best interest.
Dr. Mastrovich is so thorough and is very detail oriented, and I could tell that his dental work has and will be exceptional. I’m usually a very tough critic, but in this case I have absolutely no reservations in highly recommending him for all your general dentistry needs. Kudos!!

Donna M.   

I want to thank your whole group for helping me overcome my fear of Dentists and Dental work.
After 45 years of fear and suffering I now feel I have found a haven of understanding and caring people.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am truly looking forward to smile with my “New Teeth”.

Alfonso H. Osorio, Jr.   

Love his work!
Dr. Charles Mastrovich, DDS is a very personal fun dentist. He also knows how to care for teeth. I have been seeing Charlie for more than 10 years now without then need for any major dental work. He is honest and will tell you to wait on a procedure if it is not needed. I went to him for nerve sensitivity on my back molar. He said maybe it was just traumatized and it will go away with time. This was a much better solution them a root canal. Tooth all healed with no pain. If you desire a Great dentist that will not drain your wallet, this is your guy.

Frank S.   

Excellent care, as usual!

Lois S.   

She was very personable, and provided a thorough cleaning. Everyone in the office is very patient oriented.

Susan S.   

My husband Pete and I just had our teeth cleaned with wonderful Kari. She is so gentle and nice. Always feels sooo good.
The whole staff is great. I never thought I would like going to the Dentist, but they make it a pleasure. Thanks to all we are so glad to have found you.

Mary Jo   

Good work by the hygenist – didn’t need dope.

Jeff M.   

Excellent Service with a Smile!
I love going to the dentist… all because of Dr. Mastrovich’s staff. They are so welcoming and caring. I look forward to attending my routine dental cleanings.

Susy F.   

The highest quality dental care coupled with staff who are more like family/friends than just employees.

Jody K.   

I do not like to do surveys but everything went fine and I like your approach and your staff.

John C.   

As always, the best of care, gentle and thorough.

Stephan J.   

Perfect and great. Visit was exceptionally great as always thank you team.

Scot R.   

Dental Technician did a fine job, and responded to my shortage of time by getting me out of there within an hour.

G. M.   

Staff was very helpful in explaining procedures and efficient and pleasant with the evaluation of my problem and cleaning procedure. The ‘no waiting’ in the waiting room was a new experience.

Steve S.   

I always feel in good hands with this office, Everyone is professional.I trust them all with my mouth care.

Carol S.   

As usual I received quality care during my cleaning appointment. I enjoyed meeting Adrienne for the first time. Thank you for your continued good service. Your office has been treating Eric and me for almost 23 years! There’s a reason that we keep coming back!
Ciao, people!


I had my recent cleaning yesterday. The hygienist was excellent and made me feel very comfortable.


Very good experience. Great hygenist. Thank you.

Dora C.   

Great as always good experience.

Catherine V.   

I love going to the dentist because of them! I used to hate going to the dentist, but once I was referred to Dr. Mastrovich’s office, I actually look forward to going to the dentist! The office staff is super nice; they show they really care about you. The dental assistants are so gentle and ensure that you are comfortable. I couldn’t ask for anything else! I’m super happy with their smiles and service!

Susy F.   

Best Dentist Ever. I’ve spent enough hours in the dentist’s chair to be an honorary dental assistant. I knew Dr. Mastrovich was different when his work chatter transcended technique and was all about the art. This is how the masters of every discipline speak. There was no ‘how do you like it now?’ queries because he had absolute and justified confidence. The result was astonishing. I wanted to send a picture to every dentist I ever had and say, ‘THIS is how it is done!’ Thank you, Dr. Mastrovich.


Thank you for the wonderful service by the staff over the years.

Keith T.   

Very pleasant, upbeat and friendly staff and Dr. Mastrovich seems exceptionally knowledgeable and professional and also is very nice.

Mitch W.   

I first visited Dr. Mastrovich’s office around 1980, when he was starting out. My teeth were in poor shape, and during the first 10 years he did a series of root canals and crowns.
Since then, my dental health has been very good. Hygienists always comment on the quality of the gold crown work. Charles is a real craftsman. He always explains the situation clearly and lays out the alternatives. I never thought of going to another dentist.
He has referred me to an oral surgeon, an endodontist, and an orthodondist over the years. All of these practioners were excellent, and I appreciated their expertise.
I have never been disappointed by anyone at this office, and I recommend Dr. Mastrovich any time someone asks.

Philip L.   

Everyone at the office makes going to the dentist as pleasant as possible. The office decor is gorgeous and classy, and the flowers Deborah offers at the end of your visit are a wonderful and welcome touch. A top-notch practice!

Susan O.   

Great Service and Care. I have been extremely happy with the services provided by Dr. Mastrovich and his entire staff. They are all very capable, extremely professional and cheerful. Yesterday’s teeth cleaning and exam, was as always, a very good experience.


She was great. Thorough, gentle and friendly! Just like the rest of the staff.

Stephen J.   

I was comfortable and relaxed due to Nitrus and being treated gently and having everything explained to me in detail. Everyone in the office is nice and friendly and a joy to talk to.

Karen C.   

As usual my visit was pleasant!

Norman V.   

Excellent service and care as always!

Douglas H.   

The dental technician that cleaned my teeth was professional, considerate, and thorough. Couldn’t ask for more.

G. M.   

Your professionalism and demeaner are outstanding, your work top rate. Your staff is polite, courteous and prompt.
Many thanks!

Donald B.   

Love them!!! I never feel like a “number” or a “file”. The staff is especially caring and provide a calm atmosphere. Everyone is knowledgeable and always available to explain the procedures in detail AND in words I understand. Thank you for being so great!

Miriam B.   

I went to Charles to explore dental implants. Charles provided me with all of the options, clear explanation of how the process would work, and clear analysis of his recommendations for me. I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge, willingness to make me feel there was no rush and to assure me there was no pressure for any single option.

Richard N.   

I have been a patient of Dr. M. for many years and he is everything one could want in a dentist. He did implants for me and I can no longer remember which are implants and which are my own teeth. His excellent care has allowed me to overcome my fear of visiting the dentist and he keeps both my teeth and my gums healthy. He also has a fantastic office staff and his dental hygienists are the absolute best.

Joanne M.   

I am so happy to have found Dr Mastrovich. He explains everything and takes time with you. Kari cleaned my teeth and also my husbands. She is wonderful. Sally is so great–just love her. Debra is so sweet and understanding and so professional.

Mary Jo   

Dr. and his entire staff are the BEST at what they do! The office is clean,comfortable & filled with kind and caring staff who all have a loving heart and gentle touch;) Professional and willing to listen to the patient and their needs.

Myra W.   

Da bess!!! here are some more words…they wanted me to post more, so i may wish to expound on my review of 18th century French artists and their recipes….ok then!…you guys rock!!!!

Quentin S.   

Very good, as always. Thanks for the extra care yesterday.

Catherine V.   

Great hugs from Debra and Mary. Best dental care at high prices gives one pause to consider good dental care by a USC trained Dentist rather than an elite NU Dental School alumn with surgeon status. So many during this harsh rescessionary time are going to Mexico for dental care. Please reassure one that insured parents pay the same rate as cash patients. Happy Holidays to beautiful Debra and Mary.

Peter M.   

Wow I got home tonight and already a thank you card! Well, that’s you; on top of it! I had Mary for the first time on thursday and was very happy. She was thorough and gentle, a good combination. Merry Christmas to all!

Stephan J.   

I promise to floss and back off on the cookies and milk!

Norman V.   

Thanks for the usual fine reception that I got last on Thursday. My quarterly cleanings are very important to me, especially the December one. It’s nice to know that my trip on December 24th/25th will be with the confidence of a fresh smile.


Very professional by all the very efficient staff.

Douglass T.   

Dr. Mastrovich is the best at what he does. He is so knowledgeable in every aspect of his field. He is truly and expert yet always takes the time to patiently explain or show me what is being done. His staff makes the whole experience a pleasant one. Debra and Sally really take the best of care of my whole family. Fortunate to have found this group.

Linda S.   

As always, I am very pleased with your work.

Sylvia O.   

Just wonderful. Say, can I come in again tomorrow? : )

Dr. Bruce Smith   

The staff is so friendly, they put you at ease the moment you step in the door. I got a thorough cleaning that was not painful, but gentle. Even a fluoride treatment! My teeth felt so clean that I wanted to smile! The office works as a team and when you leave you feel cared about as a person! I never thought going to the dentist would make my day, but it did. You won’t go wrong at this dental office, it offers premier care.

Carolyn L.   

Hygenist was very professional.Liked the water cleaning at beginning. seems it went faster because of that. Sally came in to check my color on teeth. As usual, great experience. Thanks for being there.

Carol S.   

I have been a patient of the doctor for over ten (10) years and he has restored many old fillings with a pleasant experience in each case. I have complete confidence in his staff and the doctor’s service and care.

Keith T.   

Really, who looks forward to getting their teeth cleaned??!! Nobody, I imagine. But this office makes the best of what could otherwise be a marginal experience. Good people and a high quality outcome. I recommend them highly!!!

Standish T.   

Quality dental work delivered by competent, caring Dentist and staff. This friendly office will put you right at ease. I credit Dr. Mastrovich with saving my smile!

Carolyn L.   

The staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Paul S.   

As always I’m extremely happy with the service today. This is the most work I’ve had performed on me in many years. It went very smoothly. Thanks

Jody K.   

As always I’m extremely happy with the service today. This is the most work I’ve had performed on me in many years. It went very smoothly. Thanks.

Steve G.   

You guys (youse guyz in NY) are awesome!!

Douglas H.   

Tooth was filled–no pain–and it feels like the old tooth–the bite is the same. The staff takes time to listen, and I appreciate that.

Mary N.   

The new hygienist did a good job and was very nice. Started a bit before scheduled time and was done on time. Great to see everyone as always.

Larry T.   

The staff was wonderful, as usual!

Lois S.   

Great job. Put me at ease. Many thanks.


I am horrible with names, but the new girl who works on Wednesdays and Thursday is AWESOME!!! Thanks!

Keith V.   

If you’re looking for a dental office that provides gentle care, Dr. Mastrovich’s office is the place to go. They really care about your well being and ensure that you feel welcome, educated, and happy when you visit their office. Ever since I’ve started going to this dental office, I actually look forward to my routine cleanings!

Susy F.   

Always been very happy to visit the dentist since are starting going there in 2009! Great service, patience, caring and informative.


The botom line is that everyone did a very professional job. I guess I better say that or pay hell the next time I am in there.:-)

John R.   

What happened to the little rouud capsule that they stuck on and all you had to do is bite down and go home. I guess it was not fancy enough for this day and age.


It was basically painless for a crown. However, way too many impressions. The stuff you use left a bad taste in my mouth all day. In fact at times a little upsetting.


I have been to many dentists and this is the only top notch dentist in my 30 years experience. Deborah runs the show and she is like a family member. As soon as you walk into the office Deborah makes you feel like you are part of their family. Sheila and Sally are awesome specialists and perfect at what they do. It goes without saying that Dr. Mastrovich is a Master Dentist and I would not settle for any other dentist but him.

Dariane R.   

As always, excellent patient care.

Edith Y.   

“MY Dentist” for several years, now, I would never consider going anywhere else. Dr. M. and all his staff are very professional, friendly, helpful. Excellent care in all aspects of family dentistry!

Susan T.   

My appointment was handled with great care.

Michael S.   

I have been going to this practice for a number of years and am very happy! Everyone is very professional and nice. They are always on time and I never feel rushed. The hygienists are very thorough and gentle. Dr. Mastrovich is a perfectionist and I always feel confident in him. Thanks for taking great care of my teeth!

Sandra S.   

Great thorough cleaning, no discomfort afterward!

Susan S.   

Dr. Mastrovich, Debbie, Sally and all the staff have always been there for me. They are like family and I feel that they always care and above all are honest. My grateful thanks to them after almost 20 years of care.

Barbara L.   

Great cleaning- gentle but thourough- very professional. Our whole family loves the office- doc and staff alike : )

Cara C.   

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mastrovich since 1988 when we first arrived in California. I have not had another primary dentist and will continue to be a patient until he retires! The staff understands my needs and one staff member even held my hand during a procedure. Who else would do that? Specialists that I’ve been referred to compliment Dr. Mastrovich’s work. Yeah Dr. Charlie and staff!

Lois S.   

Charles, always a pleasure to see you again! Say hi to your beautiful staff for me. The mouth is OK.

Paul P.